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Whoops, X.Org Server 1.9 Gets Another RC Today

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    Originally posted by val-gaav View Post
    In open source world... You know here many times devs don't give a damn about what users want or need...
    You're right there. Thankfully this isn't completely universal but not uncommon.

    Originally posted by val-gaav View Post
    Devs write the software for their own fun or need and so they work on features they need/want ...
    The guys that get paid mightn't have that perspective though.

    Originally posted by val-gaav View Post
    Oh and for the sake of it I'll just point that Xorg devs rejected nvidia patches for using the blob as default one without Xorg conf ...
    I'd probably agree with their position on that one. I don't think the blobs deserve to be the default choices given the problems that could create but I don't think the xorg guys should be flippant with respect to the blobs place in the Linux world. But of course, ultimately it's their choice to do what suits them however wise or unwise those choices may be.

    Originally posted by val-gaav View Post
    If you consider this I'm quite surprised then they are keeping some code in for nvidia blob sake... Let's face it if it was out nvidia would just had to adjust to it sooner or latter.
    Surprising but pleasingly so.