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The Rate of ATI Gallium3D Changes Is Impressive

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    Originally posted by hax0r View Post
    Nice, nouveau on the other hand is rotting away .
    they do have a much more difficult job, working without documentation, not having full-time developers paid by nvidia, ... you can hardly blame the devs.


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      Originally posted by project_phelius View Post
      Now again, we?re hoping to get 70% performance (in a year?) for these generation of cards when they are already in the grave
      and just waiting for someone to throw dirt on them.
      I am a user no different from you. Patches welcome.

      Originally posted by project_phelius View Post
      Opengl3 still off in the distance. Is the situation any better?
      There's the GLSL 1.3 compiler being worked on by Intel.


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        I'm a end-user and I'd like to know if I can get ride of fglrx.
        I'm playing HoN, that whats get me stick to fglrx for my Radeon HD4870 (RV700 family).

        Can an article from Michael gives a feed-back on how are working OSS drivers against fglrx in terms of 3D performances, quality (video tearing for example), 2D speed ?


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          OK so now I have tested the ETQW demo without (i.e. without S3TC) and it even cannot load the level (it looks like textures seem to be the problem). Game developers don't care about Mesa, I bet they have *NOT* tested the game with S3TC disabled. Who would expect a driver to not support S3TC nowadays anyway?

          So I have to consider r300g to be ETQW-ready no matter what the article says. Gonna kill some marines with my Lacerator, see ya!


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            Yup, it's the same on the Intel side, no fun and games without libtxc_dxtn.