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How VIA Could Have Not Screwed Its Linux Chances

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  • How VIA Could Have Not Screwed Its Linux Chances

    Phoronix: How VIA Could Have Not Screwed Its Linux Chances

    Yesterday we reported on how VIA's open-source Linux dreams are not materializing and then this morning reported on a new secret driver being developed (xf86-video-openvia) between VIA Technologies, some VIA "friends", and the OpenChrome developers. However, as I said in this morning's VIA article, the situation is still a murky mess, this new OpenVIA driver isn't receiving much work, the DRM code with TTM/GEM memory management is still missing, and these open-source efforts by VIA are not very well organized...

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    A very constructive article, good work. Hopefully some bosses at VIA will read this. Let's hope it helps.


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      VIA just doesn't work as hard as would-be-winners are supposed to work, if they're so passive I say let them continue fading away with their tiny market share.


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        Originally posted by Qaridarium
        i think the NDA is abaut the via-DX11 hardware

        via do not try to get opensource drivers for the past hardware dx9 and dx10.1

        via try to get DX11 hardware with only opensource drivers like intels IGPs..

        VIA do not have the manpower to get a new driver for an old product.

        thats it! just wait for the DirectX11/openGL4 based VIA hardware and you will see a opensource driver!
        No, NDAs are being used for old documents and such right now. It's been that way already for a number of months.
        Michael Larabel


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          It seems to me that they are just following the 10 steps to destroy your community (also on video).


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            Very good article Phoronix!


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              How about via just go and die off already?? They're just getting squeezed by intel with atom on the high end and by arm with cortex on the low end.


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                There was a Via news post @ Fudzilla today, about 100$ tablets with Via ARM chips. On Android, saidly.

                So they are seeing to new markets; now if they just read this article


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                  FWIW, their binary drivers probably share a lot of code with the windows drivers which makes them hard to open since some of the IP probably isn't theirs to release.


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                    VIA is a strange company in my eyes. They make a great budget-value CPU line (the Nano) and a budget-value GPU line (S3 is owned by VIA.)

                    Seeing as how they are consistently slow on getting their products to market (the Nano 3000 series is still M.I.A. and the S3 store hasn't had anything in stock for about a year at least), I doubt they're going to change anytime soon.

                    It seems they just want to release limited quantity value products with poor driver support and then move on to the next product line.

                    VIA doesn't seem to care about increasing their market share or image. Nvidia should have bought them out (rumors say they were considering it.) At least then they would have better drivers (even if they would be proprietary) and their image wouldn't suck as bad.

                    Maybe they are planning to change their ways, maybe not. The coming months will tell.