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The State Of The X.Org Server 1.9 Release

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  • The State Of The X.Org Server 1.9 Release

    Phoronix: The State Of The X.Org Server 1.9 Release

    Version 1.8 of the X.Org Server was just released at the start of April, but Intel's Keith Packard who's been serving as the release manager called for an even tighter release schedule with X.Org Server 1.9. Keith pushed plans for an August release of X Server 1.9. With that said, to meet that deadline, the merge window for the 1.9 release is closing at the start of June...

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    More, but smaller releases > big release every few years.

    Ubuntu 10.10 going from Xserver 1.7 to 1.9 will be a nice bump, no need for major new features if the current ones get nice improvements


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      It's better that way, I didn't like to use Xorg-server-1.5 with more than 20 "custom" patches attached to it.


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        First off: what are, exactly, the improvements brought by XKB2? I'm having a hard time finding relevant articles describing the advantages compared to XKB1 on the web.

        And secondly, what's (structurally it seems) keeping XKB2?


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          Why don't improve with an working and real VSync for example? Better cooperation with Intel, nVidia and AMD proprietary drivers?


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            AFAIK most of the VSync-related code is outside of X, particularly when a compositor is active.
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              The devPrivates rework actually saves quite a bit of memory, according to an email (which I cant seem to find anymore) on xorg-devel