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Ubuntu 10.04 Is Hit By Major X.Org Memory Leak

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    Originally posted by mendieta View Post
    Wait, you didn't let me finish with my proposal, LOL

    Incidentally, I had the chance of browsing some KDE code for a bug fix, and it's all naked pointers, even though Qt provides some shared pointers. Oh well.
    Pointers are not bad at all especially in the Qt case where any QObject can have a parent (if the destructor of the parent is called any child is destructed as well).

    In fact if you want that a dialog is deleted when it is hidden you can simply do that by a flag and not resort on the parent being destroyed, or you could also reuse the dialog later.

    Probably in most cases you looked at shared pointers would be a complete unnecessary overhead. If you use smartpointers everywhere + other "always secure"-measures you should probably use a different programming-language that was designed for that.


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      Originally posted by Shining Arcanine View Post
      Is this issue isolated to Ubuntu's hacked together hybrid of xorg-server 1.7.x and 1.8.x or does it affect upstream's sources too?

      One possible solution is to roll back the GLX 1.4 enablement patches, and the patch which caused the memory leak to appear. These GLX patches were produced by RedHat and incorporated into Debian, they were not brought in due to Ubuntu-specific requirements and thus it is believed dropping these patches would not impact any of Lucid's development goals. The one risk to be mindful of is if any userspace applications have come to depend on the newer GLX functionality.

      xorg-server (2: experimental; urgency=low

      [ Julien Cristau ]
      * Enable GLX 1.4 on DRI2 and swrast (from upstream, via F12).
      I hope this answers your question.


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        Originally posted by monraaf View Post
        Good thing they found out about this before release and are going to fix it. Of course that doesn't stop the Ubuntu haters from taking cheap shots at Ubuntu
        Interesting because that's the first thing I thought too when I read the story.
        Imagine fixing bugs Before releasing software. Good luck with that catching on.


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          Originally posted by Phoronix
          Ubuntu 10.04 Is Hit By Major X.Org Memory Leak
          This way or writing sounds like Ubuntu 10.04 will be a broken release full of memory leaks. You can write a better title, like "Ubuntu 10.04 develoment/beta release is hit by major X.Org memory leak".

          The problem would have been if the release the "stable" 10.04 with the memory leak. It is only a beta version, this is sometimes the price for using it.

          The Ubuntu developers should use more Upstream stable code, and not take some more or less good known stable code and start to patch it, they will get less users and devs to test it.
          Why did they not take the Xserver 1.8 code, release 10.04, and push updates with 1.8.1, and 1.8.2, etc. but only the 1.8.x serie. More or less as they do with the kernel?


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            I'd rather wait for several months till they get everything right. This timed release is getting more and more ridiculous, previous releases were full of bugs


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              HI all

              Ubuntu is somewhere in the mix.

              To the left of me I hear newer, newer, its already out dated.

              To the right of me I hear bugs, to many bugs, more testing, release to fast.

              Up in front of me the TWOCLICKINMEMENOWNOWS say its to hard.

              Behind me I hear, eh bloated.

              Ubuntu is at it every day doing there GNU/Linux thing, there way. I respect that.
              I don't respect FUD or drama.



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                From the Wiki :
                This does not affect cards using proprietary drivers or not using DRI2 because it is specific to the glx module that the open drivers use.
                So it doesn't affect all.


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                  Originally posted by bulletxt View Post
                  Yea, but I'm curious to see how stable it is now that it comes out, especially on the server side.
                  Then why do you care about a GLX issue?


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                    Originally posted by bulletxt View Post
                    I have a feeling that Ubuntu 10.04 is like a toy made of pieces of Lego.
                    Do not blaspheme, LEGO blocks were very solid


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                      Redemption Is At Hand

                      From the ubuntu-dev mailing list -

                      "Thanks to the tireless investigations of Robert Hooker and Tormod Volden ..."

                      Well done guys. You may well have averted a disaster.