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Multi-user hardware video acceleration

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    Sorry, I don't understand what you mean by a DEVELOPER explanation, since the answer is a marketing and business one not a technical one. The developer focus has been on features and fixes that were most relevent to the largest part of our customers, and things like video and support for new kernels used in unsupported distros were not top of that list. As we catch up on other priorities we expect to start improving "lower on the list" issues like earlier support for new kernels and X servers and improvements in video playback.

    I have given you the same answer several times. What are you hoping to get that's different - a developer explaining why they work on the things they are asked to work on rather than working on the things *you* want ? Or are you asking why they sleep at night rather than working 24 hours a day ? What are you looking for ?


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      BTW if you look closely I think you'll see that the gap between new kernel/X introduction and fglrx support has been gradually closing for a while.

      The KCL code was intended to make patching possible without having to wait for official support of new kernels, although I would like us to make it easier to access and make use of patched KCL code in a distro-specific package.

      Bottom line is that things are changing, maybe not as fast as you would like, but we are trying to balance out the needs of all our customers, and that often means we'll be working on things that are of no interest to you but are vitally important to someone else.