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Mesa 7.7.1 & 7.8.0 Released For Open-Source 3D

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    Originally posted by sundown View Post
    Wow, enormously clever. I knew someone like you would come up with that kind of response.
    And yet, I see no reply to it. Just a very generic rant.


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      sundown, I suspect the problem here is that serious answers have already been given multiple times before, and so after a while you stop getting serious answers and start getting the flippant ones.

      The devs have been working on adding functionality -- allowing an increasing number of apps to run, and getting rid of software fallbacks -- which often involves changing the internal structure of the driver. While that work is going on it doesn't make sense investing time in performance tuning since a lot of the performance work will be invalidated the next time the driver structure changes.

      Once the "functionality" work settles down I think you'll see a bit more time spent on performance tuning. As an example, airlied spent time a week or two ago digging into why the r300 Gallium3D driver was so much slower than the classic driver, and was able to make some significant improvements.

      That said, the driver would definitely benefit from additional developers who are focused on performance, so don't be shy
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        Thanks for understanding me, bridgeman ^_^


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          actually, gaming performance is already quite good on my intel gma4500, I'd say better than windows, though it's slower with compositing.