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The State of The X.Org Foundation 2010

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  • The State of The X.Org Foundation 2010

    Phoronix: The State of The X.Org Foundation 2010

    Along with announcing the X.Org Foundation board of director results, Bart Massey also issued the 2010 State of the X.Org Foundation report. This lengthy report on the state of the foundation for this year can be read on the mailing list...

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    I always read stuff like "the desktop is less and less important", "all will be done in the web browser" etc., but I don't think this will be true for this century at least. Mobiles/Smartphone's become very important but you can't live without a desktop/laptop. Now it *might* be possible that desktop computers will become less relevant (not too much though), but at the same time that is because laptops become more important and more and more people have one and in the future only more people will take their laptops with them when going outside. I agree we reached a point where most people can do what they liked to do, but that doesn't mean there won't be any development anymore, not at all.