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Ubuntu 10.04 May Backport More Kernel DRM

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    I have a Radeon card, I'm running Karmic, Linux 2.6.33-git, packages from xorg-edgers repository and with KMS enabled system is nearly unusable. Both 2D and 3D performance is much lower, Firefox is very choppy, Konqueror is slower too, Warsow is unplayable and there are graphical glitches in Stormbaancoureur and it's also running much slower. Right now, UMS is an only option for me.


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      Originally posted by liangsuilong View Post
      I am running Karmic with mainline kernel, Radeon HD 3650. And I upgrade all the package from xorg-edgers PPA. X server is 1.6.5, Mesa is 7.8-devel.

      * Open source stack with kernel 2.6.32 + KMS works, but 3D acceleration is not workable. I start compiz, then the screen turns white.

      * Open source with kernel 2.6.32 + UMS runs so faster than kernel + KMS in Fedora 12. 3D is OK, But it is buggy.
      The good news is that everything in Lucid works a lot better than that without getting any special package from ppa's.

      There is a recent fix that made KMS start working as of today with the default kernel, with performance in par with UMS (actually, a little better).