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What Do You Want From Linux GPU Drivers In 2010?

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    Originally posted by 0e8h View Post
    Canon LIDE 600f scanner drivers ...
    Lol, and exactly how many windows gpu drivers support that now?


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      It would be great to have support for ATI PowerXpress in Linux!


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        Originally posted by Xemanth View Post

        [AMD ATI Fglrx]
        1. KMS support
        2. Super efficient video decoding which owns Nvidia's VPDAU, lets put UDV2 in good use!
        3. Better dynamic power consumption management, possibility to track how/when GPU & memory -clocks & voltages are scaled down
        4. Better overclocking support
        5. Bluray playback, and yes also with DRM enabled dics
        Fglrx already provides 3 and 4. Either with the aticonfig utility or through the AMD Display Library. They just haven't provided a nice GUI for this AFAIK.


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          *Open source drivers for PowerVR graphics. I see more and more ARM adoption, but always bundled with PowerVR and its closed driver
          *Accelerated THEORA and DIRAC (and H264 ) playback.
          *OpenGL[ES] 2.0 on i945. I know the hardware doesn't support all features, but soon we'll need it even for WEB! This crappy underdeveloped gfx is REALLY widespread and with Intel actually putting this crap into the CPUs...


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            Freaking awesome Intel Clarkdale GPU support. With all juices like GPU assisted video decoding, rock solid performance, and shit like that. That's what I would like get this year.


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              Originally posted by cician View Post
              *Accelerated THEORA and DIRAC (and H264 ) playback.
              As far as I know Theora doesn't support accelerated decoding in general. Am I mistaken?


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                I just want to install Kubuntu and have suspend, Kwin effects, VLC, Google Earth, and Stellarium to work. I don't want to fiddle, I don't want to install.


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                  Originally posted by dotancohen View Post
                  I just want to install Kubuntu and have suspend, Kwin effects, VLC, Google Earth, and Stellarium to work. I don't want to fiddle, I don't want to install.
                  Heh, now that's something that's more possible in Linux than Windows.


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                    Restricted driver = no influence whatsoever

                    So going for open source...

                    The future is Gallium3D. Period.

                    So I would like to have a fully working Gallium3D driver first (for a capable graphics card like the r600 and not the ancient OpenGL 1.5 crap r300's).
                    Secondly I'd like the Gallium drivers, once fully working, to focus on speed.

                    Then I'd like to see the Mesa state tracker reach OpenGL 3.x compatibility, fully I might add.

                    This is the basic functionality that is what graphics cards are made for so that needs to be adressed first.

                    When this is all addressed the 2D+3D drivers for compositing performance mess should be resolved. This is performance hell that Mac OS X and Windows Vista and above not suffer from at all... Is this resolved with an state tracker? Then that.

                    Then it's time for some horizontal and futuristic stuff like a fully OpenCL supported state tracker.

                    Then it's the details and the polish like video acceleration state trackers, etc.

                    After that I do not give a shit, realy... I first want my graphics card to support its primary purpose and get some speed out of it while at it.

                    I know my post sounds harsh, but I've been asked what I wanted,,,


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                      Originally posted by deanjo View Post
                      The only thing I really want is the open source drivers to get their ass in gear with openCL support so that the multimedia programmers have motivation to get gpu assisted encoding going in linux. It's so sad to use a open API you really have to use a closed system.
                      Considering the x264 developers don't care at all about GPU encoding (none of the core developers are working it- it's been judged too much effort for too little return, and none of the folks who've popped up to say they would work on it have ever shown anything), I'm kind of curious if you'd use the GPU for other codecs.