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What Do You Want From Linux GPU Drivers In 2010?

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    I'll throw my list in here:

    Better 945 Intel graphics (maybe even OpenGL 2.x support?)
    Maybe a little boost for R100 radeon cards? (My other laptop has a Radeon 345M in it- this one has an Intel 945)
    FGLRX to do well enough to start changing it's perception

    Wine resolution switches to be perfect & flicker free (it's a lot better now than when it would just dump me out to the login screen).


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      Gallium3D, as writing drivers needs to be easier to help the Linux ecosystem as a whole. Core changes like that are the most important, along with the fact that closed drivers need to be ditched any way. Sure, improvements to the old are fine for now, but that's the future it seems.

      Then, 2D and 3D tearless support.


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        Something realistic taking into account current FOSS development:

        Stable and full OpenGL 2 support for 99%+ of systems less than five years old so we can finally drop the old and clunky OpenGL 1 code from KWin.

        I am not expecting this until 2011 but if it can be done this year I will be a very happy person.