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What Do You Want From Linux GPU Drivers In 2010?

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  • What Do You Want From Linux GPU Drivers In 2010?

    Phoronix: What Do You Want From Linux GPU Drivers In 2010?

    Where there are the 2009 Linux Graphics Survey results from a few months back, we are interested in hearing what you would like from Linux graphics drivers in 2010. Whether it be specific features, overall improvements, a change in policies, or anything else that influences your Linux graphics experience.In terms of 3D, on the open-source side there is Gallium3D coming and other core Mesa improvements that we have been talking about as of late, but what about with ATI/AMD and NVIDIA with their binary drivers? Both companies will be introducing new features in their binary Linux drivers in 2010, but what do you hope they provide?Let us know...

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    Four simple things (in order of priority):

    0. Open specs for nvidia cards (and working nouveau)
    1. OpenGL 3.x
    2. Power management
    3. Video decode acceleration


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      OpenGL 3.x and video decode acceleration.


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        The only thing I really want is the open source drivers to get their ass in gear with openCL support so that the multimedia programmers have motivation to get gpu assisted encoding going in linux. It's so sad to use a open API you really have to use a closed system.


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          Complete R600/R700 Gallium 3D driver.


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            BlackStar: do you know what Nvidia specs actually would be useful?

            I do not care about closed course driver. On open source IMO there is not so much to discuss. I believe community mostly miss following:

            1) Finish power management (avoid corruptions)
            2) Port R7xx HDMI fix from radeonhd to KMS
            3) Use IRQs for HDMI audio
            4) Fix some r600 little bugs
            5) Start working on r600g
            6) Finish r300g
            7) Publish (?) r8xx 2D support
            8) 3D for r8xx

            1) Fix bugs in NV50 3D
            2) Improve 3D on older chipsets
            3) Power management

            1) Accelerate H264 decoding
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              I just want my ATI 5850 can run my two monitors with the open source drivers, I dont care the 3D. Is it too much? THe closed source driver is terrible.
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                Seamless Switchable graphics

                I want seamless switchable graphics capabilities in Linux. In the last couple of years, we've seen a proliferation of the switchable graphics model in laptops, and Windows 7 and OSX have picked up the trend and offer full and partial support for it.

                Although the community Linux has made inroads in starting to support this, it's still not as feature complete as the aforementioned commercial OSses.

                I've been compiling information on switchable graphics features in Linux for more than a year now, mostly on this website and bug report:



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                  - Complete R600/R700 Gallium 3D driver.
                  - OpenGL3.x for ATI Radeon
                  - Power management for ATI radeon
                  - Support R800 (evergreen) ATI
                  Developer of Ultracopier/Supercopier and of the game CatchChallenger


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                    Working Suspend resume on NVIDIA binary.