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A Great Present In The Linux 2.6.33 Kernel

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    Pinetrail has G3xxx graphics not GMA 500.

    I don't think that "better Intel graphics compared to their current Atom processors found in many netbooks and nettops, but it is being derived from the GMA 500 Poulsbo. " is inaccurate.

    Multiple sources have listed the Pineview /Pinetrail processor as having a GMA "3150" (read GMA 3000 series/G31) based gpu and not based off of the GMA 500.

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      Well maybe a later Atom. I don't think that this onchip solution is good enough for h264/vc1 decoding.


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        Originally posted by droidhacker View Post
        You do realize that there are more distros than just Ubuntu, don't you? (note: I sometimes/often question whether or not you actually do...)

        i.e. Dave Airlie works for RH, so you can bet that it will hit Fedora first. If not in F12/testing, then at least in Rawhide -- and this will be WAY before ubunuptu 10.04.
        As most Linux users are on Ubuntu, it's more relevant to mention Ubuntu, but Fedora users are fairly common too so I agree it probably could have been mentioned. Ubuntu is beta enough as it is for my taste. I'd only use Fedora in a test environment after the hell I've gone through with it in the past.

        Regardless, there will always be distros that will choose to make different kernel versions the default, and you will of course have the option to (easily, via repos) use either version with both Ubuntu and Fedora. Well, I don't know about .32 through the repo with Fedora...but maybe?


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          Originally posted by Yfrwlf View Post
          As most Linux users are on Ubuntu, it's more relevant to mention Ubuntu,
          Maybe you just mistyped, but that just isn't true.

          Ubuntu may be the most popular distro but they're no where close to having 50% of the total market. There are a lot of areas like Asia where Ubuntu isn't even all that popular.