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What Kind Of People Use X.Org's VESA Driver?

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    Originally posted by yehdev_cc View Post
    hi ... (first post ^_^)
    I'm not using it right now, but I think I'll do soon if I insist on going on using fedora 12 and KDE ... I have radeon hd 3200 and KWIN has very annoying issues with the open source radeon driver ..
    You might want to retry with the latest mesa. I noticed a bug was fixed in the last few days that fixed it for me

    Assuming your experiencing the same bug I was


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      Originally posted by Qaridarium
      in the past (2-3years) i use vesa for an crashfallback if FGLRX fails........
      for exampel 2007 or 2008 was a bug 5-6 monds long fglrx crashes on amd opteron 64bit systems with more than 2GB of RAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      in 2007 my HD3850 do not have "Radeon-Opensource-Driver" support
      so..... i can bull out my hole ram....8GB-6GB=2gb,......
      or i can use 32bit linux 8GB-4,8GB = 3.2GB usable ram.........
      or i can use VESA..........................

      ubuntu LTS also does not start in X witout VESA on my 4670 9.04 do have some bugs to..... blackscreen on start with old "Radeon"

      Yes ubuntu 9.10 (new radeon)fixes the bugs! *Happy*

      ubuntu 10.04 LTS will fix the problems on LTS side to...

      i also use VESA for an Customer with an dual-Socked-F-opteron board with XGI onboard VGA and no AGP/PCIe port and the customer will not buy a new mainboard for 300? only because vesa is not cool.......

      i also use vesa for some Customers with VIA notebook hardware...........

      in my Point of view--- VESA is very Important!
      You also could have passed MEM=4g at boot using 64bit - would have still crippled your ram however


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        Yeah but

        Originally posted by kbios View Post
        Yes, but RAM sticks don't render X-Plane very well
        Neither does the VESA driver!


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          32 bit linux needs pae enabled kernel to access full ram in your case.


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            Depend of distro

            To my surprise, on an old Dell Latitude C610 (ATI Mobility M6, equivalent to 7000) I can not use 'ati' driver under Linux Mint 8, having to fallback to VESA driver.
            Strange, because it's based on Ubuntu 9.10 and this last is working very fine on that hardware. Mandriva 2010 and Mint 7 also work with 'ati', altough using XAA, not EXA.


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              Asus M3700N - intel 855G

              I have Asus M3700N notebook (one of the first nb with centrino platform, I think Intel 855G graphics).

              I have started to use it with Ubuntu 9.04, after some tweaking (basically adding mem=1024M) it was running fine, occasional freezes (once a day).

              After upgrade to 9.10 it become unusable - freeze just few minutes after boot.

              I am not so experienced Linux user so it took me a lot of time to discover that the problem is in Intel graphics driver and that there is something like Vesa that works actually seamlessly (I don't care about acceleration and even some artifacts around the mouse cursor are fine with me..., I just need the notebook to work - writing documents and for this it seems to be perfect).

              I think actually that distributions like Ubuntu should somehow offer more support for solving this kind of problems (e.g. auto detecting a crash because of graphics error and reconfiguring for Vesa driver automatically....). I think that most normal potential Linux users would give up on my place already - after Ubuntu I was trying Debian, Fedora with the same experience. Then discovering that Slackware and Arch linux actually work seamlessly, but have other issues - especially related to localization - it seemed that I would spend ages configuring it to do what works out of the box in Ubuntu, so after days (net days - in reality months) of experimenting I am going to go back to Ubuntu hoping that the "installing Vesa in Ubuntu tutorial" will finally solve my problems...

              On my desktop I have ATI 4890, from the beginning it was also a bit problematic (although with the recent drivers it seems really very stable), so for me it seems that graphics drivers problems are very common and I think that having some fallback driver that can be activated even by a completely dumb first time user would be extremely usable.


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                Anybody ever try running the VNC Xorg module alongside the radeon R300 driver? It doesn't work. That is why I use vesa on some of my SERVERS.


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                  I would use memtest and maybe replace ram. Updated bios to get better ram timings might help too.


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                    I use VESA with my
                    01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Trident Microsystems CyberBlade/i1 (rev 6a)


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                      When you use lspci, then use at least lspci -nn. Names say nothing.