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What Kind Of People Use X.Org's VESA Driver?

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    Originally posted by bridgman View Post
    The ES1000 should be supported by the radeon driver -- it's basically an RN50 spec'ed without 3D IIRC.
    "should" is the operative word here. It is not.


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      Personally I think the 'lol vesa' vote was high. Its a web poll after all


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        Personally, I would never use a free driver over a binary blob unless the free driver performed the same or better compared to the blob.

        I do use the vesa driver before the blob gets installed. I also use it as a fail safe in case something does go wrong.

        But in the end I guess I am lucky and never had any real issues with using blobs.
        I also prefer using drivers from the chip makers website instead of from repo's for the various distro's. It allows me to upgrade when new release's come out instead of whenever the distro decides to update it.


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          Originally posted by frantaylor View Post
          "should" is the operative word here. It is not.
          That's odd. Normally we hear about server graphics problems *very* quickly, and I haven't heard anything this time.

          There are a couple of relatively recent bugs open on fdo - do either of those match what you are seeing ? One is a RandR problem with dual displays, the other looks like a LUT issue but no logs or other info attached :


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            If I recall correctly, isn't the VESA driver is required for some VNC features to work? So for a server or virtual machine controlled by remote VNC access VESA might make sense. Also there are servers out there running RHEL4 and other out of date distros which likely have old drivers that lack support for the latest ATI and Nvidia integrated and server GPU's.


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              If you want to share the current desktop using x11vnc you just have to disable composite effects.


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                hi ... (first post ^_^)
                I'm not using it right now, but I think I'll do soon if I insist on going on using fedora 12 and KDE ... I have radeon hd 3200 and KWIN has very annoying issues with the open source radeon driver ..


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                  I'll accept Poulsbo or any other SGX chipsets as a valid reason for VESA.

                  ES1000, as bridgman said, should work fine as long as you keep in mind that it's a crappy little chip not meant for anything besides text consoles and very mild 2D.

                  VIA chipsets are a crapshoot, but I think we've got 2D for just about all of them, which means VESA confers no advantage.

                  For nVidia and ATI/AMD chipsets, there's no excuse. Between nouveau and nv, radeon and (sigh) radeonhd, there's drivers that support everything except Evergreen, and Evergreens come with a CD with fglrx on it, which is non-optimal but enough to get you started. (If I understand correctly, Evergreens can't really run on VESA if you want DisplayPort outputs to work right, but I might be wrong on that.)

                  I only complained about this because I thought that 2-3% of respondents was a bit high for actual usage and a bit low for Anonymous having fun with us.

                  ~ C.


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                    in the past (2-3years) i use vesa for an crashfallback if FGLRX fails........
                    for exampel 2007 or 2008 was a bug 5-6 monds long fglrx crashes on amd opteron 64bit systems with more than 2GB of RAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                    in 2007 my HD3850 do not have "Radeon-Opensource-Driver" support
                    so..... i can bull out my hole ram....8GB-6GB=2gb,......
                    or i can use 32bit linux 8GB-4,8GB = 3.2GB usable ram.........
                    or i can use VESA..........................

                    ubuntu LTS also does not start in X witout VESA on my 4670 9.04 do have some bugs to..... blackscreen on start with old "Radeon"

                    Yes ubuntu 9.10 (new radeon)fixes the bugs! *Happy*

                    ubuntu 10.04 LTS will fix the problems on LTS side to...

                    i also use VESA for an Customer with an dual-Socked-F-opteron board with XGI onboard VGA and no AGP/PCIe port and the customer will not buy a new mainboard for 300? only because vesa is not cool.......

                    i also use vesa for some Customers with VIA notebook hardware...........

                    in my Point of view--- VESA is very Important!
                    Phantom circuit Sequence Reducer Dyslexia


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                      fglrx not working on openSUSE 11.2

                      I recently got an ATI 5750 card and had no luck with the latest Catalyst on my openSUSE 11.2. Installation fails silently ...

                      That leaves me vesa