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The GStreamer, Cairo Video Hackfest Results

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  • The GStreamer, Cairo Video Hackfest Results

    Phoronix: The GStreamer, Cairo Video Hackfest Results

    Last month we talked about a hackfest to improve Linux video playback that came about after a GNOME developer began work on using Cairo/Pixman for raw video in GStreamer and looking at other ways to leverage hardware acceleration within this major open-source multimedia framework. This Linux video meeting started in Barcelona on Thursday and is ending today, with some accomplishments. Some of the code that has been (and continues to be) worked on is merging YUV support into Cairo/Pixman, a GLX Multi-thread extension, merging gst-plugins-cairo, XRenderPutImage/XV to Pixmap support, VA-API support for GStreamer, and getting the GStreamer Cairo plug-in to work on the Nokia N900...

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    Well in theory VA-API would be enough to support, when the lib gains deinterlace support and the vaapi-video wrapper then divx support. XvBA directly is a funny idea but does not seem to happen. VDPAU directly would however not hurt too... I would like to know if nvidia provides vdpau for arm platforms too.


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      Not to mention Pitivi. The application that is suppose to compete with iMovie.

      A lot of development have gone into Pitivi lately.


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        Does XCB have a maintainer yet?


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          ORC looks freaking sweet. Too bad the name is so generic that finding it without a link is close to impossible in Google.

          I'd love to see a Gallium/shader backend for this that lets us do generic shader support separate from the worries of ARB-vs-GLSL-vs-HLSL shaders (e.g., open source Cg).