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  • X.Org Development Discussion Continues

    Phoronix: X.Org Development Discussion Continues

    In late September there was a call by Peter Hutterer for a new X.Org release process that consisted of a six-month release cycle for the X Server, all development work to be done in feature branches and not Git master, and a three-stage development cycle. The agreed upon version was pretty much the same as Peter's version, but it also called for the X.Org drivers to be pulled back into the X Server (around version 1.10).This process was immediately adopted with X Server 1.8 getting a release date just six months out, and the first X Server 1.8 snapshot already being available...

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    as soon as the xserver-xorg-video-kms has landed(based on gallium) this is a non issue. Since all the driver dependant code will be in gallium. If this happens before 1.10, the discussion is moot.


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      Strictly speaking it would only be a non-issue for hardware which had a Gallium3D driver which was ready for everyday use.

      For the forseeable future that means most of the existing Xorg drivers will still be required.
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