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X.Org's GLAMOR Adds Support For OpenGL ES 3.0 Shaders

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    Originally posted by mSparks View Post
    How do you keep missing the point that any "isolation" wayland offers is fictional (all the data in ram and vram is in clear text) and undesirable (users want and expect copy and paste to work between applications, and under no circumstances want it not to work)
    That the thing not all things are kept in memory not encrypted.

    Hi everyone. I’m currently using Silverblue and it’s very fun. I have a few small issues though. One that I’m currently stuck on is: I hate middle click paste. Especially with a trackpoint I just hit it accidentally all the time. That’s why I disabled it using Gnome Tweaks. This works fine for my terminal window, which runs in the actual host, but all Flatpak applications (which is almost everything in Silverblue, e.g. VSCode, Firefox) do not respect this setting. Do any of you have an idea o...

    What users expect are not all the same. So there are cases where users want copy and paste to fail. This is the thing how are you going to-do the required controls.

    Yes the child sommelier process can still have copy/paste work.

    Also the data being in ram and vram as clear text does not mean it not protected. What you are saying is really like saying process memory access and /dev/mem unrestricted access is the same thing.

    Security is not just about encrypting.

    Originally posted by mSparks View Post
    ->Multiple X11 sommelier instances can be used for improved isolation or when per-client configuration is needed, but it will be at the cost of losing the ability for programs to use the X server for communication between each other.
    They don't do that by default because things break same reason why Debian does not allow X11 security mode over ssh -X by default..