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Asahi Linux To Users: Please Stop Using X.Org

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    <Rant> Cherry picked facts, lots of opinion. Smug tone. </Rant>
    Kiss off. I'll use what I want to use based on my personal needs. That's the entire point of open source.


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      Originally posted by DMJC View Post
      Dear Wayland Distros and their pushers: Port MATE desktop to Wayland and I'll consider replacing X11. Until then. No. Now leave me alone. GNOME/KDE are not major players for me anymore and will never be major players for me again. Take your tablet/touchscreen garbage and shove it. Sincerely, a dual-monitor desktop user who isn't going to bend for a distro.
      This, Wayland fans love to act like every single wm/DE has a wayland switch. Is not that simple. And no, I am not in any way going to use GNOME or KDE just to say GUYS I AM USING WAYLAND.


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        dang, I was kind of looking towards getting a used macbook for asahi, guess ill be not doing so


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          I will continue to ignore Apple's offerings. I am optimistic a range of RISC-V options will be available as early as 2024.

          In any event, I can hold onto my Zen+ thinkpad until I can upgrade to RISC-V.


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            Originally posted by Myownfriend View Post
            There's a pretty sizable gap between the M2 Max's GPU and an Intel iGPU. Benchmarks put it at around RX 6700s's performance.
            A laptop with a M2 Max costs $3500:

            With $2100 I can buy both of these, one for Linux and one for Windows:

            Get it now! Bristling with high-refresh rate displays and competitive GPUs, ultra-durable TUF Gaming laptops deliver a reliable portable gaming experience to a wide audience of gamers.

            And once again, by putting Asahi on the Mac, you lose access to what may to some be worth the extra money, namely the hardware accelerators.


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              I've tried Wayland again recently with GNOME. There are still many issues, the main ones are:
              • Input latency, especially noticeable while gaming because of forced VSync
              • GNOME specific: The session is lost after a crash. A big issue when doing serious work. And GNOME isn't always that stable either. There was a bug for some versions that has since been fixed, where the shell would crash when clearing the app menu search box by clicking, laughable. Had I been on Wayland, I'd have lost everything not saved on disk. GNOME developers don't even talk about this, mostly, because, they know a rewrite is needed to fix it properly, a huge undertaking.
              • Color Management

              Less significant:
              • GNOME specific: Server-side decorations (xdg-decoration), again they know it's a lot of work, so they just ignore the issue
              • GNOME specific: Inhibit (e.g. screen blanking while watching a video), (zwp_idle_inhibit_manager_v1 protocol)
              • Many more…


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                Originally posted by mirmirmir View Post
                Wayland is not broken, kde is.

                Every internet argument around wayland would be more far less toxic if everyone could just accept this fact.

                But hey, dragging everyone down in linux desktop is the job of kde fans I guess 🍷🍷
                right KDE/QT is a Hostil enemy i did quit KDE after i did get to know about CLA-WAR and also their evil doing in include trojan horse functions to autostart files from a folder from a usb stick you pluck in in.. they used this function to install trojan horse on me computer.

                so really FUCK YOU KDE/QT
                Phantom circuit Sequence Reducer Dyslexia


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                  I just came here to say that I'm very proud of the Asahi Linux developers for daring to voice this opinion.


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                    Originally posted by jarekZ View Post
                    I've been using sway since 1.0 alpha, and everything I want works with wayland, as of today.
                    You're using a tiling WM. Your opinion and experience is null and invalid.


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                      Not my/our fault X11/Xorg just works!

                      Anyways systemd/puleaudio/wayland users, stop complaining... this is Unix/Linux and not Windows!

                      Funny how our Linux software just works, until somebody starts wanting Linux to be more like Windows.
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