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Asahi Linux To Users: Please Stop Using X.Org

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    I'm running Debian Linux 12 on a 2022 HP ZBook Firefly G9 with an eGPU connected AMD 5700XT connected to two Dell 27" 2560x1440 monitors. Not some shitty old hardware. I'm running with MATE desktop. I've tested MATE on Wayland and it ran horribly. The panel didn't work properly and since that's the center piece of the MATE UI it's kind of important. I'm not interested in kludges and hacks. My workflow works really well and my apps work. I try the MATE desktop with Wayland every few months and so far it's not working very well. I understand why Wayland is a good idea, hot-switching AMD and Intel GPUs without restarting the graphics layer especially in my use case, is highly desirable. but I don't support forced adoption when a non-fringe desktop still isn't supported/working properly.
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      Originally posted by skeevy420 View Post
      Did you consider for just a second that the professionals behind Wayland or Asahi Linux might be wrong?
      Well, you realize Wayland was made by Xorg devs who's fed up with it, right?


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        Originally posted by t1r0nama View Post

        The most popular IDE on stack overflow currently is vscode and it does not eve start on wayland without global variable shenanigans. What 1% were you talking about?

        Modern hardware won't help when software itself is broken. Yeah i am talking about wayland. It's much more broken then ever was. I think those of you who say there is no need to use Xorg are only using browser and terminal on wayland. 40% of my GUI prograpms do not work under wayland. I am not talking about vscode like which can be started with some global variables. Those 40% just won't start PERIOD
        I've been using vscode under XWayland with no issues for 4 or 5 years now. It's sad it's not using Wayland by default because I switched Chrome to use Wayland natively and it works better than using XWayland.

        Even the Asahi Linux dev said XWayland is fine and it should be actively maintained, which it is.
        Also, VSCode and Chrome are unusable for me on due to this issue.

        VSCode Version: starting at 1.13.0, up to current OS Version: Fedora 24-27 Looks like VS Code is listening to mouse scroll events, even while it is not active in the window. Related: https://bugs.c...

        Looks like app devs not only don't care about Wayland, they don't care about X also, oh, wait, they don't care about Linux as a desktop OS... yeah, no big news there.


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          Honestly I think this should be the case for all Linux distro not just Asahi. We should start using Wayland and submit bug reports to it can get better be 100% replacement to


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            There are only 2 things keeping me from switching. 1 is the lack of hardware video playback. The other is my understanding that VR is not ready. I am on Nvidia and other than those 2 issues when I tried PLASMA my experience was positive. I have had an excellent experience with NVidia on linux which is valid. I know that others may not have and that is also valid.


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              Originally posted by Beryesa View Post

              Well, you realize Wayland was made by Xorg devs who's fed up with it, right?
              Yes. That doesn't make it better.


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                Originally posted by CochainComplex View Post

                Even if just for a second have you ever considered that those professionals at asahi Linux might be right?
                No he didn't and he won't. Even the whole "One day the Wayland ecosystem will be ready" part isn't something he believes. He just said it to be less like he was as birdie.


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                  Originally posted by t1r0nama View Post
                  It's much more broken then ever was. I think those of you who say there is no need to use Xorg are only using browser and terminal on wayland.
                  Just because a whole eco system of software, toolkits, and drivers was made around X11 and Xorg doesn't mean that X11 is not broken. It just means that things were designed around their flaws.

                  Also I do everything in a Wayland session and have for like 2 years now. Internet browsing, gaming, video and photo editing, coding (with VsCode), 3D modeling, etc.

                  Also be careful with the usage of "ever".


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                    Originally posted by DMJC View Post
                    Dear Wayland Distros and their pushers: Port MATE desktop to Wayland and I'll consider replacing X11. Until then. No. Now leave me alone. GNOME/KDE are not major players for me anymore and will never be major players for me again. Take your tablet/touchscreen garbage and shove it. Sincerely, a dual-monitor desktop user who isn't going to bend for a distro.
                    And if it never is then what are you gonna do? Eventually the software that you use will drop support for X11, you'll be stuck, and it will be Mate's fault.

                    Also Wayland is way better for dual monitor stuff because it can actually support it.


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                      Originally posted by skeevy420 View Post

                      Yes, but then I also considered the fact that Wayland doesn't work correctly anywhere
                      Except that isn't true and you know it so why even say it? lol You fucked something up