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    Originally posted by user1 View Post

    Well, idk about these, but I remember discussing the topic in other forum and when I said that Gnome 3.38 supposedly has fullscreen unredirection, a dev who contributed to kwin wayland code replied to me that fullscreen unredirection is broken on Wayland and this itself will require a new Wayland protocol to fix. So maybe that also explains why I had terrible input latency.
    Doubtful. Fullscreen unredirection is working fine in mutter, at least with X11 clients via Xwayland. I suspect what they might have referred to is that Mesa's EGL code for native Wayland apps currently doesn't make sure buffers are scanout capable, so fullscreen unredirection can generally not be used for those yet. Mesa is waiting for the dmabuf-hints Wayland protocol extension for this.

    If the games you tested use mouse input, the issue addressed by mutter MR 1915 is likely a big factor for the latency you saw. If they use OpenGL (as opposed to Vulkan), that could be another factor (in which case mutter merge request 1880 should help).

    For a specific example: I'm playing racing games (using Vulkan via DXVK) on mutter (with MR 1762 applied) via Xwayland, and I'm not seeing any significant latency between my steering wheel movements and the corresponding movements of the virtual steering wheel in the game. (This is with a cheap Sony TV, which probably isn't setting any world records either latency wise)


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      Originally posted by MrCooper View Post

      (This is with a cheap Sony TV, which probably isn't setting any world records either latency wise)
      Depends on the panel you have, not on the cost of the TV (i.e. if its an IPS panel you will always get fast response times and hence low latency unless the TV is doing post processing which you can usually turn off).


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        Funny how I remember running X with shared nfs /home on various terminals and being able to do decent work remotely too.

        Now even the worst remote share whole desktop is faster and easier to interact with. Anyone tried running firefox or chrome X remote over ssh lately ... Yikes ...