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Mumblings Of A "Big New" Open-Source GPU Driver Coming...

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    Originally posted by Danny3 View Post

    They have spyware on Windows and on Linux you cannot have proper privacy, security and freedom because their driver is closed source.
    Planned obsolence, which is anti-consumer and anti-environment is also on the table with a closed source driver.
    Wayland and any bugfix and improvement is also impossible without Nvidia.
    Please tell me what is not middle-finger about Nvidia ?
    Because I see absolutely 0 reasons why anyone who cares about their privacy, security and freedom (basically a Linux user) would use Nvidia.

    But in the end, who the fuck cares, cause I don't !
    I have decided to spend my hard earned money only on devices whose manufactures respect me as a customer like Intel and AMD and I'm very happy with in kernel out of the box support !
    It's sad Microsoft cannot and will not sue you for defamation. As for me personally, I don't care about statements with zero proof. Find someone else to argue with.

    I need an actual proof, network dumps showing that Microsoft indeed siphons random files from people's computers.

    So far, no one in the entire world has produced anything which makes you a liar.
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      ms178 sorry I meant months, forgot the "s". And RH was priviously working (or is still) solel on RE basis without much support from nv. Buf if nv contributes more then that might produce something


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        BitBoys Oy is finally shipping the Glaze3D!!!


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          Originally posted by birdie View Post
          2) don't care about Linux NVIDIA drivers being open or not. Most such computers run bespoke Linux installations which are not your typical Ubuntu distro
          Happy to take on this claim in its substance as a user of one of these HPC clusters.

          If anything, HPC installations are more sensitive to the impact of proprietary drivers because they diverge from your usual desktop/server OS. There's a reason you'll see highly-optimized custom implementations of MPI, for example. These deployments don't run bespoke stuff on a lark, but because the tradeoff of having better perf/reliability is worth the investment. Having components behind proprietary blobs is anathema to that. Got a problem with results precision or incorrect calculations in some CUDA library? Tough luck, line up on the nvidia help forums. Need newer/older kernels to work with other software? Tough luck, you may be completely SoL. I think it's fair to say that outside of the real big labs (e.g. US department of energy), everyone puts up with nvidia despite the proprietary bits and begrudgingly accepts whatever scraps they're offered in terms of support.


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            Originally posted by Space Heater View Post
            My guess is that it is Imagination submitting an initial driver for their newer PowerVR GPUs. I remember Michael reported that Imagination were hiring driver developers to work on an open source Linux GPU driver.

            I think it makes some sense, Imagination likely wants to expand their customer base ..
            According to their B-series press release.

            "And I’m excited to say that we have five customers targeting the desktop, performance laptop and cloud spaces using the PowerVR GPU architecture."

            One of those cloud space customers is Innosilicon with this PCI-E graphics card and the rest aren't known yet.

            The C-series is supposed to be their return to working on ray-tracing technology and they claim it's more proper ray-tracing than Nvidia so I wonder if they're planning a full-on return to the desktop GPU market. The B-series may only be 6TF but if the C-series can at least double that then it theoretically puts them in 3060 Ti or 6700 XT territory.
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              Originally posted by birdie View Post

              In short, find something more plausible. Also, thank you for "plebs like me", I've long stopped with personal insults (I now talk only about what people say or claim) but insulting me - it's totally OK in these forums.
              If that's the case then ur a doody head

              But, yeah, you do seem to get both attacked by the mob and censored more than most around here. The fact that half the posts people have quoted have been censored in just this thread is good evidence of the censoring.

              Try not to take any of this the wrong way, but you could be really damn abrasive back in the day. Still can be from time to time if we're being honest. That's the biggest reason I can think of in regards to the mob attacking you. It's no different than how I used to push the boundaries of what was and wasn't acceptable here under the guise of humor. I quit doing that if you haven't noticed. I still post humorous stuff, but I try not to be so edgy about it.

              I'm really, really surprised that some of my old posts are still this wonderful, boundary pushing, gem from last year. I just reported myself for that one so it might not exist for much longer.


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                Driver support for Geforce 600 and 700 series is going EOL. Maybe Nvidia will provide an opensource driver for the GPUs up to these. That would be awesome, since I could get 5hrs of battery life out of my ancient Core2Duo + 9400m macbook once again.


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                  That is definitely not NVIDIA. While I have a notebook with NVIDIA there won't be any OSS driver from them. This is just how my "luck" works.


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                    I'm guessing Samsung. I can't imagine it would be NVidia.


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                      I have seen many people hoping it's Nvidia, but if Nvidia opens their driver that would completely destroy their current strategy to segment the market between gaming and mining with artificial proprietary limitations implemented in software in their driver. Nvidia is trying to convince the gamers the miners will not buy their gaming GPUs “thanks to” arbitrary limitations in closed source drivers (and destroy the second hand market, there is no little profit). And even if the strong disagreement from the buyers may force Nvidia to limit the effects a bit just enough to keep their market share, they can't make such a complete turn in 3 months with a code being ready to merge that fast, not counting the fact they don't need such complete turn to keep that windows gamer market share.