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Mumblings Of A "Big New" Open-Source GPU Driver Coming...

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  • Originally posted by Linuxxx View Post
    I guess you didn't read down to the part where the OP noted....

    The flavor of Ubuntu we use is purpose built by Nvidia. I have a copy of the source if we wanted to play with it more. Which we have a team of software engineers working on a scheduler that will be made available to the public to submit for compute time on.
    I'm gonna have to say that would qualify as "not your typical Ubuntu distro.", so instead of refuting the claim you appear to have confirmed it.


    • So nothing came of this...


      • It won't be NVIDIA. Even ignoring the mining limitation stuff, they have (for a long time) had clauses in the license for their binary drivers (Linux, Windows, whatever) that prohibit the use of the drivers in conjunction with a consumer GPU (and in some cases even have driver code to enforce it) for certain purposes (not sure the details but IIRC it's some specific GPU compute workloads and I think certain VM things). They wont even release the things necessary for Noveau to turn up the clock/fan/power stuff from the lowest level (where it boots up at) for any vaguely modern GPU in part for this very driver restriction so they certainly aren't going to go whole-hog open source.

        Could be ARM with Mali (not sure if the open source drivers for that are officially open sourced by ARM or just a RE project like Noveau is) or Qualcomm with their GPU (again not sure if the open source drivers are officially open sourced by Qualcomm or not)

        PowerVR also makes sense, they used to have a decent amount of market share with their MBX and SGX GPUs (my old Nokia N900 had a TI OMAP chip in it with a PowerVR SGX GPU) but now they lost marketshare to ARM with Mali and Qualcomm with whatever they have in Snapdragon and such so going open could help them gain market share again.

        Maybe its Broadcomm (or whoever) with a full FOSS GPU driver for all the graphics stuff in the various Raspberry Pi SoCs (so no more binary blobs for the Pi at all. (I know they published some stuff but what they published was not everything and not for the specific SoCs in the Pi)