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X.Org Server Git Lands Support For Hardware-Accelerated XWayland With NVIDIA

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    Originally posted by Vistaus View Post
    Then how come I still have issues on my Intel-only hardware? Seriously, people on here keep sprouting the same nonsense that Intel and AMD are issue-free on Wayland, but I've said it again and again that I still cannot run a proper Wayland session without it crashing on my Intel-only hardware.
    Nobody is saying that Wayland is issue free. I've had crashes on X11, too. That doesn't mean that Wayland "isn't ready" or is "less stable".

    Are these crashes happening with all applications under Wayland? Are they just with XWayland applications? Can you trigger them yourself? What distro are you on? What desktop environment are you using? How up-to-date are the packages in that distro? How new/old is your Intel hardware?

    I haven't really seen a lot of people with Intel or AMD GPUs saying that Wayland is some unstable mess. If you're getting issues that they aren't then Wayland may not be the issue.


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      Originally posted by Myownfriend View Post
      Don't need any "new" kind of distro. There's nothing stopping a distro like Ubuntu from pushing that patch. They already back port patches to older version of kernels. Ubuntu 21.04 uses the standalone release of XWayland now. If they deem it important enough, they could push their own branch that includes this patch or push a point release without having to worry about it effecting X as a whole.
      So now all of Linux === Ubuntu (even then, not sure I'd place that bet). I mean I get it. You have a 25-30% market platform, you feel it's worthy of 100% representation. Understood. Realize that when I speak about adoption I'm looking at all the applications necessary and not a tiny fraction... even then, I'm even limiting myself to what I feel is the "majority" realizing that not everything will move. Remember, I said 2022 at the earliest. I'm strictly saying that an all Wayland Linux world is unlikely in 2021.


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        Originally posted by cjcox View Post
        So now all of Linux === Ubuntu (even then, not sure I'd place that bet). I mean I get it. You have a 25-30% market platform, you feel it's worthy of 100% representation.
        I never equated Ubuntu to all of Linux, not even in the slightest. I just used Ubuntu as an example because it's not an example of a rolling release distro. That's why I said-

        Originally posted by Myownfriend View Post
        A 0.0.1 update to a package isn't outside of the realm of possibility for a non-rolling release distro to push.
        - in my previous post.

        Your own original post never states that you were talking about a time table for when all Linux distros might include this patch. I started my first response to you with

        Originally posted by Myownfriend View Post
        For this to find its way into distros?
        So I was very clearly with what I meant in my post and you didn't clarify anything in your response. Instead, you suggested that there would have to be a new kind of non-rolling-release distro for the patch to pushed between major releases. If anything, that made it seem even less likely like you were talking about 100% adoption and were instead inferring that was your timetable for seeing this patch adopted by any distros without a rolling release.

        There's no shame in saying you worded what you meant poorly and then clarify. After all, I'm not the only person that interpreted you posts that way. There is shame in try make bets for stuff like this and moving goalposts though.