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    Originally posted by Charlie68 View Post
    Keep talking about Plasma, as if it were the only DE that isn't ready yet, but apart from Gnome I don't see others that have Wayland set by default, XFCE doesn't, LXQT doesn't, others don't. they do it !
    Why ? Why it's not easy to do is the most rational answer. And if the usual war of the DE is waged here, it is another matter. But the Gnu / linux ecosystem isn't just made up of Gnome! Indeed, Gnome users are a small part. Not even the two most used web browsers Firefox and Chrome are ready for Wayland.
    Yeah, all that plus the fact that Gnome3 isn't even a fully functional desktop. I'm certain that if the -only- thing KDE cared about was how much more white-space they could fit on screen, then in that case Plasma would be in -exactly- the same boat Gnome3 is in...


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      Personally I have tried both Gnome and KDE on wayland, both work on my pc, Gnome is definitely more mature on wayland, but Plasma works quite well too. However both Gnome and Plasma are unusable for me on my laptop, as the click.tap turns out to be overly sensitive and there is no graphical way to adjust it.
      EDIT. After reading this discussion I tried Plasma wayland in Tumbleweed again, worked on some tables with LibreOffice, did a little video montage with Kdenlive, finished a "photo editing" with Krita and surfed the internet with Chromium. In the end I didn't even remember being in Wayland, the only thing that reminds me is the absence of the pointer animation. I have not had any kind of problems, so much so that I am convinced that with the next Plasma Lts hopefully Wayland will be set by default, but that's just my thought. However with my notebook instead with wayland I have a big problem with the click-tap, both with Gnome and with KDE it is really too sensitive and therefore I have to disable it.
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