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Linux Frame-Buffer Console To Drop Accelerated Scrolling Since It's Full Of Bugs

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    Originally posted by rene View Post
    you argue here a tiniest technical term pinning for something most users don't use (NUMA) and if it protects out-of-bound access only by sheer luck and accident. The main point anyway was one big monolith. I also never heard someone arguing micro kernel based on page tables, unless by that you mean running drivers with less privileges, too. The design concepts that make a micro kernel are long discussed in research and science.
    There is look with the Linux kernel self protection project into using NUMA and page tables in kernel space to reduce issues. This is a different path to the micro kernel because this is not running the drivers with less privileges just not allocating everything.

    The fact Linux kernel in NUMA is not a single address space is why this possibility came up. Please also note Linux was also a single set of page tables between kernel space and user space and that has been changed in recent years.

    Also a microkernel can also be using a single address space between user space and kernel space.
    Page table isolation to prevent security issues is something that is independent to Monolithic or Microkernel. The reality is the Linux kernel is not using a constant single address space for kernel space all the time. There are security advantages that could come to Linux by allocating subsystem/driver base page table isolation.

    Originally posted by mdedetrich View Post
    So possibly a dumb question, but why don't we just fix the bugs/problems in the code instead of removing it?

    I am getting the impression that the assumption "this code is not used often" isn't actually that correct, especially for somewhat older devices.
    It is correct that this code is not used often.

    nouveau using accelerated hardware scrollback on Nvidia cards you cannot clock up is a path to video card hard lock so it fairly much end up disabled because a slow terminal is better than a hard locked terminal that even rebooting the computer may not fixed. Yes full power off on modern laptops without removable batteries can be kind of hard. GMA500 is not great Linux machine. You have had accelerated scrollback that is true but everything else has been software rendering. This is the powervr problem.

    omapdrm what is Texas Instruments OMAP stuff that is another powervr nightmare. So again accelerated console scrollback and nothing else accelerated.

    Now to maintain accelerated scroll back no one has been willing to step forwards and take over the kernel maintainer-ship of it. All these cases you are dealing with either Nvidia or powervr as a hostile vendor not giving you developer what you need todo your job.