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AGP Graphics Card Support Proposed For Removal From Linux Radeon/NVIDIA Drivers

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    Originally posted by wyatt8740 View Post
    My machine does hang if I don't force it down to PCI clock speeds, it seems. So I am stuck like that for now but I think I'm starting to understand what you're saying. Sorry for my ignorance, I'm pretty young and AGP was on the way out by the time I was getting into this sort of thing.
    No problem I would not have known this stuff if I had made a lot the same screw ups in logic when deal with powerpc hardware like 20 years ago. I was like hey if AGP cards on my powerpc system are going to be locked in PCI MMU its going to perform bad because I had the wrong idea that PCI MMU mode on AGP card equal run at PCI speeds .

    When PCI MMU really equals use PCI memory management at AGP speeds I saw the speed loses back then 10 to 20% at worst as long as card is still running at correct AGP clock speeds.

    Yes forcing AGP gpu down to PCI clock speeds is a really big way to make lots of them very unhappy. PCI MMU and AGP GART both you can attempt to run at PCI clock speeds and have them spit chips on AGP cards.

    Transfer method with AGP(PCI MMU and AGP GART) is something different to operation clockspeed and transfer speeds. I was having a hard time explaining the mess.