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X.Org Server 1.20.6 Released With Many Bug Fixes - Helps XWayland, PRIME + Other Bits

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    Originally posted by 144Hz View Post
    you refuse to look at the commit log. (Unreadable mess)
    So what? You highlighted some names associated with Red Hat (which is not the same as GNOME). Their contributions are not specific to GNOME and there are other contributors in the list. I don't have to pick a fight with you because you just debunked your own BS. The problem is that you refuse to look at the commit log in an unbiased and objective manner (which is caused by your GNOME obsession and your need for attention).


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      Amazingly stupid argument.

      I made the release because there were a bunch of open Gentoo bugs that I could resolve if I made a new xserver release. See

      I wasn't aware there was another GNOME release imminent.


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        Originally posted by mattst88 View Post
        Amazingly stupid argument.
        Thank you. You made my day. Oh, and that Xserver thing you helped with. That's pretty important too. Thanks for that.


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          Originally posted by Lycanthropist View Post
          Nice to see a new release. But I am still waiting for Multi DPI support in XWayland.


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            Originally posted by Volta View Post

            I can't play Black mesa. Probably other Source based games won't work either.
            To be honest - didn't played any Source game last time so I don't know if they are work for me or not. I believe you're right.