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AMD's FreeSync Linux Code Continues To Be Improved Upon For Low Frame-Rate Scenarios

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    Originally posted by theriddick View Post
    Well someone needs to fix it so X org doesn't have this limit
    Freesync is for gaming, not for desktop applications. Most people use a single monitor, pro gaming people especially. You have ultra wide monitors, so no need for multi monitors.


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      Originally posted by xeekei View Post
      Which is a shame. DP should be universal; it is superior to HDMI except for cable price and that difference is small.
      The sad truth is that DP is almost irrelevant and HDMI is the universal standard. Looking at motherboards: All have HDMI, close to none have DisplayPort. Laptops? Ones with a DP or mini-DP port are really rare, some high-end models have it but most don't. Every laptop's got HDMI. On the monitor side there's DP on most newer computer monitors but there's still some that don't have it. The other monitor type, televisions - which is the only choice above 32" - has DP on perhaps one in a hundred. I have never seen a surround receiver with DisplayPort or USB audio for that matter (I mean USB sound card ability), it's all HDMI.

      I'd love to see DisplayPort on everything - but HDMI's the standard. It's kind of important to have support for it.


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        Originally posted by LinAGKar View Post

        There is HDCP in DisplayPort.
        I wasn't aware, you are totally right. It also has "content protection" (DPCP). TIL.