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    Originally posted by wizard69 View Post
    This is a common problem in the open source world. You have far too many people with childish personalities. Just consider the hate that gets thrown at LLVM/Clang for example. From my perspective LLVM/Clang is the best thing to ever happen to GCC. It isn’t just this project either many people exhibits extreme butt hurt when something pops up to challenge their favorite piece of open source.
    Yes. In fact, you see this type of push back whenever any open source program starts getting too popular or commonly used. There's inevitably a vocal group that springs up to shit all over it. Usually most of these people tend to be the type that are out to prove how much smarter they are than everyone else. They have to be counter to the "stupid sheep" and delight in telling everyone how smart they are and how terrible the new hot thing everyone loves is.

    I'm not saying everyone against Wayland is like that. There are legitimate points that can be brought up, and nothing should be beyond criticism. But it shouldn't shock anyone that some people are now dead set on Wayland failing, as if their entire lives now somehow revolve around that point. It's just what these people do. If we're being honest, many of those same people are drawn to Linux/FOSS for the same reason to begin with - not because they like it, but because they are reacting against Windows and Apple (and now Google) dominance, in the same way.
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