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A Look At The Linux Graphics/Gaming Performance With GNOME 3.30 X.Org/Wayland

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    What I'm worry about is that now that the linux gaming ecosystem has matured so much we go back and angry up developers who have ported games to linux because now they have to support another display system. They surely use SDL or any other layer, but we aren't 100% sure if all those games don't make use of X11 in some way... Also so many applications written over the years that are still useful and may get stuck on X11 for years to come... So I would say it will take at least 10-15 years more to use Wayland with confidence , Also look how much Valve has invested on getting Virtual Reality working right in X11, is Wayland as capable and functional as X11 has become over the years?


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      Originally posted by hussam View Post
      Games on Wayland will never reach games on Xorg performance on full-screened games because you can bypass the compositor on Xorg but not on Wayland. You'll get same performance on windowed games because the overhead exists on both cases.
      That's wrong in both cases
      On wayland in fullscreen you can use hardware planes (which for some reason is impossible on xorg), which is even faster than simply bypassing of the compositor (and also the cleaner solution). But neither gnome nor kwin support it, yet. For windowed applications it's even better: eventually xwayland will be faster than bare metal xorg. For everybody interested I can only recommend the following blog series from Daniel Stone:

      tldr;: in general, Wayland is much better designed for modern technologies. Current compositors still lack many performance optimizations because they are still busy to catch up feature wise, which again is because they have to do things right, not in hacky, bug-prone and unsave ways how they were done in X.

      Edit: Weasel you only get a seahorse (unfortunately without linebreaks and spaces):
      \/)/) _' oo(_.-. /'. .---' /'-./ ( ) ; __\ \_.'\ : __| ) _/ ( (,. mrf'-.-'

      Edit2: here's another good explanation about unredirecting fullscreen windows and what's possible with Wayland:
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        Anyone managed to get GNOME/Wayland to run with the NVIDIA driver in the past 6 months? When the first EGLStreams support landed in mutter I played around with it by adding the nvidia-drm.modeset=1 to this kernel module. Now with the latest version of xorg-xwayland, NVIDIA and mutter I can't get it to work anymore.


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          Originally posted by hussam View Post
          What's left if you bypass the compositor if it is also the display server?
          Direct display of the buffer provided by the client, same as with Xorg. As treba explained, a Wayland display server can do this in more cases than Xorg.