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Amlogic Video Decode Driver Posted For The Linux Kernel

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    Originally posted by caligula View Post

    Why don't you test it yourself? E.g. Firefox can utilize hw decoding, but it won't help much since the drawing still utilizes the CPU. If your machine is fast enough, there's really no problem unless you care about battery consumption. If it's not, you should have figured that out by now as the video playback wouldn't be that smooth. For low power machines, there are tons of dedicated video players (vlc, mpv, kodi, ...)
    thanks for answer to me, I've tested in chromium and I've not got any benefit on decoding because in my opinion it is not activated also if the gpu page of the browser show it activated, in fact seeing a video I've got the same measurements of CPU utilization.


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      Originally posted by Gusar View Post
      It can't. It's not implemented. You can forcefully enable layers acceleration, but there will be bugs when you do so, and that's just regular webpage rendering, it does not affect video decoding.
      Ok good to know. I thought the video acceleration is used but apparently my low end Atom system is capable of decoding in sw too. In practice you could achieve hw decoding with flash applets. Not sure how they work today. I've enabled the experimental GPU layer acceleration but don't see much difference either. It used to have some issues with font rendering being too smooth.