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Several DDX Drivers Aren't Yet Ready For X.Org Server 1.20

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    > obscure drivers like Tseng, SiS, R128, and March64

    Obscure? Once those things were really widespread chips! I do hope that these (incl. Geode and the modern drivers ati, amdgpu, intel,...) will see an update, soon.
    One can probably use "modesetting" driver or VESA but esp. the latter is just an emergency solution. And does the modesetting do any good without some underlying stack? Most of the acceleration logic for the old chips was likely in the ddx (as there is probably no KMS for them yet). And if these drivers cease to exist (Gentoo kicked out a whole bunch recently), then there will not even be smooth scrolling for those chips. And maybe we can watch then for an image to appear, line by line by line as in the days of old.
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      I thought the latest amdgpu driver for Xorg was supposed to support 1.20?


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        Since 1.20 the Steam client doesn't work reliable anymore. On Plasma-Wayland it seems like the Steam window freezes, no input is accepted anymore. Even on Plasma X11 the window content sometimes is not drawn anymore. This happens only on my AMD machines with Mesa modesetting. Maybe it is an OpenGL bug which didn't affect 1.19.

        Update: I found a bug that is related to the Steam freezes Plasma on X11 can freeze as well, bug They seem to be related, at least the Arch Linux bug links to the one on I've updated to Mesa-git, but it didn't fix it so far.
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          Michael the xf86-video-ati/amdgpu 18.0.y release announcements contained this:

          This release supports xserver versions 1.13-1.19. It also works with
          xserver 1.20 RC1, so unless something unexpected happens, it should work with xserver 1.20 as well.
          Nothing unexpected happened, so no new releases are needed for xserver 1.20.