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MPX, X Input 2 Not Ready For X Server 1.6

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  • MPX, X Input 2 Not Ready For X Server 1.6

    Phoronix: MPX, X Input 2 Not Ready For X Server 1.6

    Two days ago we shared the X Server 1.6 release schedule that would place the final release of this quickly-developed X Server release on the 5th of January. Keith Packard originally hoped to ship X Server 1.6 by the end of this year, but that won't happen due to the forthcoming holidays. One of the major features that was going to make up X Server 1.6 was Multi-Pointer X, which had entered the mainline X Server back in May and allows for multiple input devices...

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    It is not great, but it is also not that bad, that they decided to drop MPX and X Input 2. It is also not that bad that they release it a few weeks later imo.

    It it great that X Server has a real maintainer now who makes (hopefully) realistic release cycles and that the "important" features like DRI2 stay and that the X Server is stable.


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      Hardly newsworthy though is it? It was always the case that these features would be dropped if they weren't ready in the server 1.6 timeframe. Keith said that from the get go. If they were ready, great, but they were never intended to be "one of the major features" of this release.

      But any any chance to jump on the devs a bit, right?


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        The current git seems to have gotten very buggy, x won't recognize when i've held a click and my ps/2 keyboard doesn't work at all. I can't wait for the 1.6 branch, with dri2.