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Sway Is Taking Flight As A Featureful i3-Compatible Wayland Compositor

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    Originally posted by yoshi314 View Post
    i only wish it wasn't a fork of i3, but instead integrated with its codebase. this way either of projects would not have to play catch up with another.
    Sway is not a fork of i3, it's only i3-compatible and imitates most of its functionality while also supporting gaps and other stuff that wouldn't get upstreamed, implementing additional compositor utilities (ie swaygrab etc) and also supporting stuff like redshift and more.

    In order for i3 to become a wayland compositor it would have to be rewritten almost entirely, therefore there'd be little to no benefit regarding duplication of effort, and would end up as an unstable and more resource heavy X11 wm as well.

    Additionally Sway, and other wayland compositors like WayCooler, is making une of WLC as its Wayland compositor library, but is currently devoloping and transitioning to wlroots. Eventually i3wm behaviour may be completely separated and to allow for different wms to be implemented as sway plugins. Link to related Github discussione