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Redshift on GNOME! (Wayland and Xorg)

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  • Redshift on GNOME! (Wayland and Xorg)

    For anyone who has not seen this yet, someone has made a native redshift (similar to f.lux) extension for GNOME that doesn't use xrandr, so it works on Wayland. I find it also even works better than redshift does on Xorg (redshift always flickers when some applications are opened or full-screened)

    Unfortunately you have to patch gnome-settings daemon for it to work, but I made a COPR for Fedora that should work out of the box after enabling the extension in gnome-tweak-tool or It should be easy for someone to adapt it into a PPA or to AUR.

    Extension Github:

    Copr for Fedora 25: