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New features and improvements in Wayland and Weston 1.12

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  • New features and improvements in Wayland and Weston 1.12

    Wayland and Weston 1.12 will be released today. Wayland 1.12 includes a new wl_display_add_protocol logger API, improvements to the XML scanner, and clearer documentation. Weston 1.12 includes a restructuring into libweston: a new software library, and support for version six of the xdg_shell protocol.

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    The 1.12 release of the Wayland core protocol and its reference compositor Weston will be later today; this post will give an overview of the major changes since the last release. New Features and Improvements to Wayland The Wayland core protocol documentation has received numerous refinements to improve its clarity and consistency. Along with this, many blank areas of the protocol documentation have been fleshed out. A new wl_display_add_protocol logger API provides a new, interactive way to debug requests; along with this are new APIs for examining clients and their resources. This is analogous to using WAYLAND_DEBUG=1, but more powerful since it allows run time review of log data such as through a UI view. There have been improvements to how the protocol XML scanner handles version identification in protocol headers. This enables better detection and fallback handling when compositors and clients support differt versions of their protocols. New Features …