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KDE Wayland Is Not Yet Interested In NVIDIA's EGLStreams Approach

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  • KDE Wayland Is Not Yet Interested In NVIDIA's EGLStreams Approach

    Phoronix: KDE Wayland Is Not Yet Interested In NVIDIA's EGLStreams Approach

    KDE's Wayland approach is interested in only supporting one code path and as such is not interested in supporting NVIDIA's binary driver approach of using EGLStreams for supporting Wayland on their driver...

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    Basically, Martin is saying he's doing exactly what Nvidia did. He will adopt a solution that requires him to maintain a single code path.
    Both sound decisions, yet somehow users get screwed currently. On the other hand, maybe it's better this whole GBM vs EGLStreams is being tackled now instead of later when it would be more costly to change.

    Also keep in mind that Wayland does not require GBM, that's just what Weston uses. And while GBM is tied to Mesa and is a standard in the Linux/BSD world, EGLStream is tied to EGL which also covers Windows.
    Or maybe everyone will simply agree to move the whole thing to Vulkan instead


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      And righteous so.
      Would hate to see time and effort of the defs beeing wasted just because NV doesn't want to comply to standards.
      I personally don't really care if it's GBM or EGL, but when all but one of the involved parties agree upon a standard, this standard should be the one to go.


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        Though I personally agree with the KDE devs, they need to be careful. They're slowly alienating many users. They won't support Mir, GLES support is poorly documented and a little confusing (albeit, I haven't checked up on that in over a year), Wayland progress is slow, and they seem to have issues with closed-source drivers. None of this really affects me (though I would prefer to use wayland) and I still use KDE on my main PC, but KDE has lost a lot of it's userbase since version 4 was released, and stuff like this isn't helping.


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          Hopefully, an agreement can be reached. Without one, X11 will likely continue to reign for Nvidia users, which is a large percentage. At least as far as Linux gamers are concerned, Nvidia has 74% of the Linux GPU market (according to July GamingOnLinux survey results) and Nouveau is only sufficient for basic desktop productivity on inexpensive Nvidia GPUs without having reliable re-clocking support on newer cards; using Nouveau with high-end cards is a waste of money.


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            Did gnome compositor accept the egl stream? Did anyone else?


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              Nice. But are there any news regarding the whole situation?

              Michael can you ask any wayland devs (or other sources you may have) if they have any update on when/if nvidia will make their drivers compatible.


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                I thought I posted in this thread? Did it not take?

                Anyhoo, I asked if Gnome, or any of the other Wayland compositors accepted EGL Stream as well as GBM? Risk of fragmentation if one accepts EGL Stream and another compositor does not. Or if Mir accepts it and one or more Wayland compositors do not.

                Would be interesting to see if the Gnome, KDE, and other groups would stand their "moral ground" if Nvidia announced that they will never support GBM.


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                  Second time....... test


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                    Yuck, I had two posts before the test not appear..... I refuse to type out my question again...... wth happened?