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Wayland & Weston Saw Fewer Commits In 2014

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    Originally posted by Viper_Scull View Post
    If you are using ssh -Y instead of xpra, then you must be only doing it only in your local network. X11 forwarding implementation of ssh is garbage.
    You'd better wish for a well-designed remoting protocol instead of having the "ssh -Y" version of wayland.
    I'm only on my local network but I will check out xpra. Thanks for the heads-up.


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      Originally posted by johnc View Post
      Hey if I can do ssh -Y hostname on Wayland then I ain't going to criticize.
      Isn't that something ssh would need to provide support for?

      It seems to be rather slow on adding forwarding capabilities, let alone short convenience commandline switches.

      E.g. D-Bus is a major Unix socket based communication channel, has been in use by UI applications for over a decade, but last time I checked there was no ssh option akin to -X that would create the necessary socket+environment on the remote side for apps to connect to.



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        Originally posted by alexa
        I saw one at my local Sony Style store. The pq is pretty sweet but it would look better on a big screen.
        ??? You saw a commit at a Sony Style store?