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Mir 0.4 Released, Mir 0.5 Under Development

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    Originally posted by Luke_Wolf View Post
    Originally posted by Awesomeness View Post
    No. By 2016 every mainstream non-Ubuntu distro will be using Wayland. Fedora 21 takes the lead in a few months. In two years chances are even RHEL 8 with Wayland will be out.
    Plasma 5, LXQt, Mate, and likely even Xfce will have Wayland support no later than 2015.
    This ^

    The whole "Everyone will just continue targeting xserver because of mir" has always been stupid. Unless you're in a very very special class of application (e.g. Compositors, Window Managers, and GUI toolkits) you aren't and shouldn't be targeting the display server, you're going to be targeting a toolkit or framework such as Qt, GTK, EFL, SDL, etc. And guess what? at this point all of the major toolkits support Wayland at runtime. So that just leaves the desktops, and guess what? GNOME has been ported, Plamsa 5 and LXQT are waiting on Kwin to finish it's port but should be ready well before 2015 is over, Mate is in the process of porting to GTK3. The only thing that could possibly hold Wayland up is Nvidia support, but between Red Hat and Intel it's going to happen one way or the other.
    Just where did you get that "Everyone will be targeting xserver because of mir"? Because I never said it, and Awesomeness never said it.

    Now that said I'm not convinced the more conservative distros (such as debian proper) will have changed by 2016 because they'll want to see how fedora and such are doing with it for more than a year to see if everything is working in a stable manner, and you'll have the anti-change people squawking as they try to hide in slackware and such.
    Originally posted by jan1024188 View Post
    2016 for early kinda-usable versions. A rock-solid, fully driver supported mature solution isn't coming this decade.
    So I guess we are in agreement?