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2D Performance Is Improving For Ubuntu 13.10 XMir

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    I can't find that statement right now but I think I read it here on Phoronix.
    However it doesn?t really matter, be that XFCE or be that something else.
    What matters is the point, you could use Mir as a system compositor while
    you continue to run you X based DE. Sure most people doesn't wont that
    but I guess at least some does. If I used a DE that were going to stay on
    X I could take that minimal performance hit (that I probably wouldn't notice)
    just to get a nice experience right from the boot.

    That makes it not pointless or stupid. It's a new option that people may
    choose. Is it that bad?

    Notice I'm not saying that everybody nor even most people should do so,
    I'm just saying that some may want, cant they be free to choose so

    Originally posted by ickle View Post
    One of the tasks I am working on is improving the tools we have for analysing power consumption. For one of our big challenges we have is making sure the GPU is running at the right speed at the right time (i.e. turned off for as long as possible, yet still able to deliver those first few frames without a hiccup). As you can probably imagine, the highly irregular nature of a composited 2D workload is harder to get right than a game where we never have enough power... And yet more people are likely to notice the delay when moving windows or the jitter in some wobbly window animation. (And those extra stages in the render pipeline between the application and the user make that challenge so much more fun!) This is yet another reason why consistent latency matters so much more than throughput for user experience.
    May I ask where you work?

    Originally posted by mrugiero View Post
    That's false at so many levels. Competition *may* be good, and it also may be awfully bad. You push deadlines, release half assed products, how that can be good for anyone?
    I must disagree. I one part "release half assed products" that's the fault
    of that part, not on the competition.
    You are always fully responsible for your own acts, with or without a
    competitor. Don't you think?