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Intel Reverts Plans, Will Not Support Ubuntu's XMir

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    Originally posted by xeekei View Post
    Nice trolling attempt, but XMir has nothing to do with CPUs. And for your information, AMD CPUs are a lot more competetive on the GNU/Linux platform.
    How so? A CPU is a CPU.

    AMD CPU's are power hungry & inefficient compared to Intel CPUs.


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      People need to remember that XMir support and Mir support are two different things.


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        Originally posted by homerhomer View Post
        I guess Intel doesn't want my money. Only the future can tell on which display server ( Wayland, Mir, X?) will become the default Intel has just told the Ubuntu community, don't buy Intel video hardware.
        This comment is a good example of the huge negative impact Ubuntu has on the Linux community. Its a comment full of selfishness.
        There were times Linux people took much care of political correctness, freedom and openness for everybody. In this times the Linux community answered questions like "I cant switch to root as user" with "Use google" - and it was right, it was indeed informative inspiringly to become autonomously and a productive member of the community. This community generated competent people capabale of solving real problems.
        Nowadays especially the Ubuntu community is - sorry, really, this is no offence to anybody - incompetent, completely ignoring the meaning, importance and functioning of OpenSource. Knowhow steadily vanishes, the claim for bugfree comfort oriented finished plug and play rises.
        It has to be this way, Ubuntu is a one-way-road just releasing its code after realease not accepting any commits from anybody with its properitary Store/Ubuntu One, with its Mir, Upstart and the possibility to change the licence at any time.

        I am sure these are not the motives of Intel, but everybody concerned with OpenSource software development/Linux should be happy about each event showing Canonical Ubuntus origins and therefore its social responsibilities. The way Canonical influences the future of "Linux" is worriesome - a split-off a real threat.

        //Edit: I don't know why everybody hates ATI so much. Sure its drivers are worese than nVidias but i don't have any breaking issues with 13.4 (stable). Betas are crap sure, but they are beta!
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          Originally posted by thomasjs View Post
          People need to remember that XMir support and Mir support are two different things.
          And you need to remember that without XMir Mir will run nothing. Do you expect Qt/Gtk to magically run on Mir?


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            Originally posted by krofna View Post
            Do you expect Qt/Gtk to magically run on Mir?
            Canonical wrote a Mir Qt backend and they have already forked the GTK+ 3 Wayland backend.


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              Originally posted by johnc View Post
              lol @ "The Management"

              Intel is pretty much irrelevant in the mobile market anyhow. No loss.
              This has nothing to do with mobile.... Did you even read the article?


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                Originally posted by thegeek6 View Post
                How so? A CPU is a CPU.

                AMD CPU's are power hungry & inefficient compared to Intel CPUs.
                AFAIK AMD CPUs tend to excel in highly multithreaded scenarios, while Intel has the crown of performance per core. Linux does a better job with multithreading, reducing Intel's advantage.


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                  Why is there so much hatred on something that doesn't have to be used?

                  Just sayin'.

                  Also, what about the positives that Ubuntu's done over the years? There's way too much FUD going on, which is odd considering how much worse companies like Google, Apple, MS, etc are about regarding the openness about stuff. Sure, Canonical doesn't contribute code or anything, but they HAVE changed the way people look at Linux in general.


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                    This is a giant "f*** you" written with neon letters by Intel, displayed in front of Mark Shuttleworth's house. I think this move is important in itself, since it's the first major manufacturer that takes a coherent stance supporting Wayland and dismissing Mir. Looks like Intel isn't going to support Mir ever, and this leaves AMD and NVIDIA in a comfortable position to reject Mir too.

                    I am happy now. This is great news for every Linux user.


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                      Not a big deal.

                      I don't see why some of you are making a big deal about this. This isn't end of Intel or the end of Mir. Why would Intel need to maintain seperate drivers for XMir to begin with? It's supposed to act like a Server anyway. Unless, Canonical's custom projects get more community or hardware backing they will have to do everything themselves; which isn't really new considering their track record of getting on many upstream projects' nerves.

                      This isn't about Mir but if it was, I'm sure if Wayland can run off Intel's drivers, Mir could do it as well. They both just require a graphics driver that supports EGL, correct?