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Wayland'ized GNOME Shell Gets A Binary

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    Originally posted by johnc View Post
    I agree completely. Developers in the Linux world would be better off targeting the needs of the enthusiast users. The regular joes might come along afterwards if there's enough hype.

    But targeting the regular people who just browse and do facebook is chasing after a segment that would never even use Linux, while alienating your primary users. The people in that former group buy a computer and use it as-is. They're not going to buy a system and then install a Linux distro.

    Regular folks generally follow the enthusiasts, not the other way around. They're certainly not the trend-setters.

    In theory, making something technically superior to Windows really shouldn't be that hard.
    I wasn't thinking about windows, more osx in particular. The reason is that osx users have been grunting their dissatisfaction about the direction the desktop's being moving. They could move to windows, but it's in worse shape (though I happen to like w8 as a convergence ui, there doesn't exist a great ui for people with dynamic workflows that I can recall).
    The original gnome design document from 2009, or so, had some ideas in it that made me really hopefull. Even now it has a great technical base. I've seen some good ideas about how to make GS more useful (which have a chance at being implemented if Fedora starts moving away from upstream Gnome). Things I haven't seen from any other DE.
    The one technical change Gnome needs to make is something like windows power shell integration, or osx automator (frankly, this might be better created at the fd.o level with a new dbus interface schema for scripting/recording user actions).
    If the Gnome group wasn't given so much autonomy rh ux experts could've pointed these problems out early on.


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      Anyone has an idea if we will be able to run Gnome/Wayland with NVIDIA cards by using "software rendering" on the CPU? So that you don't have to use nouveau?
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