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Help get Wayland (and Mir) to Gnome (GTK+) faster!!

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  • Help get Wayland (and Mir) to Gnome (GTK+) faster!!

    I'm not sure if Phoronix is the best place to post this, maybe someone could suggest a programming forum where I could post this also. Anyway here goes.

    In researching what still needs to be done for Wayland (or even Mir for that matter) to come to a Gnome based desktop (via GTK+) I came across this Gnome wiki page:

    About half way down the page there is a section "Copy/Paste support" upon reading this it looks like this is a perfect task for a willing contributor to tackle and doesn?t require to much advanced knowledge or skill. Basically it comes down to two tasks.

    1. Refactoring the GTK/GDK code to move the X stuff (probably Windows and Mac stuff too) into its own backend and leaving GtkClipboard as a generic abstraction layer. One could stop at this point knowing they have helped speed up the Wayland/Mir porting process.
    2. Implement the Wayland GTKClipboard backend.

    This seems like a great task for someone wanting to get a started with learning more about X, Wayland and GTK+ without requiring to much prior knowledge. It is also something great to add to your CV if you are looking for a job working with Linux technologies.

    Anyway I just wanted to point this out in case someone was feeling like a challenge. As to why I'm not having a go at this myself, well I have already (before finding out about this) committed myself to setting up a bug fix month for the GTKFileChooser which is keeping me busy see: I still have over 200 bugs to triage so I would like to finish this before I start on something else.

    As for where to start I would suggest first posting on the GTK+ devel mailing list to make sure no one is working on this already (there is nothing in the main git repo but someone may be working on it privately), also you can ask any questions you might have about the task here. Then I would probably take a look at how the gdk drawing backends work with regards to selecting the right backend based on the GDK_BACKEND environment variable. Once you have an idea of how that works start extracting out the clipboard related X stuff in a similar way.

    Anyway please feel free to spread this around it may be better suited to a programming forum where people are actively looking for interesting stuff to work on, or even on some website for students looking for stuff to add to their CV.