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A New X.Org-Free Wayland LiveCD Released

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    Originally posted by jmcharron View Post
    Wow I got moderated..... Yet you let Q/LinuxAnals spew garbage over this forum. I'm done with Phoronix... My comment was harsh but it wasn't anything that was already said...
    Maybe that was your last chance... hmm?


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      Originally posted by nerdopolis View Post
      Interesting... Konsole has window buttons? but it's an xwayland app, and the mini X window manager weston uses for xwayland apps doesn't support buttons yet... ...are you sure it's Konsole?

      I'm looking into that. It seems the keybinding's lost. EDIT: I found that my loginmanager scripts are not starting weston in the correct PWD. I now made the fix to start it in the correct PWD to the svn
      The loginmanager's weston crashed or the user session? That could be westons fault... ...but I did after the ISO release have to make some tty related fixes to the loginmanager... I don't know what that could be

      No xwayland does not have access to screenshooting in Weston...

      I the next ISO, I'll have logging to var/log/syslog for the loginmanager. I just found a really sweet command called "logger"

      My mistake, Xwayland does not have those buttons (sorry).

      The user session crashed, when doing a copy to clipboard (from Firefox, I think) and once by switching active windows by clicking.

      Yeah, logger is nice, but make sure the user can access the logs without needing to use root or anything, please.



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        wayland on Nemo on N950 handset


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          Originally posted by Rexilion View Post
          Ah, I see. Well, Weston is there and so (I expect) that functionality to be there to (is it called the chrome? really? confusing.. anyway, thanks for clearing that up). But I suppose that not all the toolkits are fully ported (or contain bugs).
          The term "chrome" has been used for that stuff - the non-content parts of an application - since long before the Chrome browser came out. I guess it'd blow your mind to learn that the term is all over the *Firefox* source code...