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Android driver support for Wayland

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  • Android driver support for Wayland

    As was previously discussed here at Phoronix, Wayland is getting support for Android drivers, just like Mir. You can read more about it here:

    What is shocking here is that it was revealed that Canonical took this very initial implementation, put it up on their servers and started developing on it behind closed doors. Then they released it as the blueprints for Mir.

    Earlier this year however, I discovered that a well-known company had taken the code - disappeared underground with it for several months, improved upon it, utilized the capability in their advertisements and demos and in the end posted the code utilizing their own source control system, detached from any state of that of the upstream project's. Even to the extent some posters around the web thought libhybris was done by that company itself.
    That kind of behavior ruined the initial reason I open sourced libhybris in the first place and I was shocked to the point that I contemplated to by default not open source my hobby projects any more. It's not cool for companies to do things like this, no matter your commercial reasons. It ruins it for all of us who want to strengthen the open source ecosystem. We could have really used your improvements and patches earlier on instead of struggling with some of these issues.
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