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Wayland 1.2 Release Planned For June, XWayland

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    I'm not impatient, but I hope they ship this by June 2014. By that time, they would be where Apple was with Quartz a decade ago. I forgive them, Linux's main money is in servers, not the couple of nerds who run it on their desktops at home. Still, Red Hat thinks its important to push Wayland through.


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      Originally posted by plonoma View Post
      Or you could do the api so the first thing it asks is a version of the protocol.
      And then how to agree on what version to use.

      Then you can break it without causing insurmountable problems.
      there's versioning in the protocol so that they can do just that, but I don't think its their first choice of tactic


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        Originally posted by Ericg View Post
        Gnome will happen whenever they get around to it, I'd imagine GTK is a little more X-specific in some areas since it was meant as the GPL-OS toolkit
        Gnome is well under way towards supporting Wayland. Last I checked, most of the standard applications were working, and most of those that weren't were waiting on components like WebKit. No idea about the Shell, but I seem to recall that they were aiming to have a minimally working desktop (i.e not release-ready) by the end of this year.