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The Wayland/Weston Fork Is Now "Banned"

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    Originally posted by psychoticmeow View Post
    Maybe you should try trolling some other subject? Everyone expects this level of stupid from you now.
    Thanks for confirming my suspicion, added e8hffff to my ignore list.


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      He needs to seek professional help.


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        Originally posted by MartinN View Post
        Maybe we should cut Scott some slack.... he might be clinically depressed. Last thing we want is something bad to happen as a result of these back and forths. Reacting only fuels the fire - so it'd be best if you didn't cover it nor respond to anyone, Scott or not, on the subject of this fork.
        This is how I felt when I read this article. I really feel bad for the boy.


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          Is Scott even out of high school yet? Did he go to school, being self-taught with the help of the Masters of the Universe?


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            Originally posted by e8hffff
            Wayland group is out of control. Now people will understand why they went spastic over Mir.
            this guy in no way represents "wayland group".

            and regarding mir, the wayland developers reacted the way they did because ubuntu's first mir announcement contained significant FUD against wayland, which understandably angered the wayland developers. Canonical started that by spreading misinformation, they didn't just decide to 'go spastic'. and that drama is pretty much over already, canonical rescinded their inaccurate statements and there hasn't been much drama between them since.
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              Originally posted by Baconmon View Post
              This fork really was created out of pouting and wanting to get back at wayland for banning him..

              It feels like he wants to show the wayland people the "big mistake" they made by not listening to him..
              I think his dream is to have this stupid northfield thing become super big, and eventually become the de-facto thing that all distrobutions use, and then the wayland people will say "NOOOOOO, we should have listened to scott! We were such idiots not to listen to all of his crazy ideas!"..

              I also feel that, the more that this stupid fork becomes forgotten, the more crazy scott will become, because he will slowly realize that he can't single-handedly just make every one start jumping from using wayland to using this fork.. (Yes I know not many people use either yet, but most people are planning on using wayland when it is stable)..

              I want to be there to see scott when he finally runs out of steam, gives up all hope, and realizes that northfield is going south.. Is that a little demented of me to want to see him have a mental break-down like that?.. But, of course, he kind of burned this bridge him self.. I mean, he was already trying to talk to the phoronix guy, and trying to coerce him in to creating lies and stuff to promote northfield.. And then when he gets called out on it, he throws a fit like an infant.. Now every one realizes why throwing him out of wayland was justified..
              I find the measure of a successful fork is weather it is ever merged back in a significant portion.


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                Originally posted by Awesomeness View Post
                Well, that's certainly possible but if he suffers from clinical depression, he should seek professional help. Depression is a real and serious illness that needs to be treated accordingly and moreover is nothing to be ashamed of.

                However, "the internet" is not professional help and it's not our, Michael's, or the Wayland devs' duty to care for his treatment. Even a depressed adult is still an adult who can come up with the realization that he needs professional help.
                You have my absolute agreement. I only wish to note that one of the major difficulties with depression is that those afflicted often do not believe that they need help or that they are ill.


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                  Site Released

                  For the record, I asked Mike to release the site later in the afternoon but I guess he didn't feel that it was important I wanted to do this on my birthday, which I do not otherwise celebrate.

                  The Northfield Project or TNP for short, is hereby instantiated yesterday and is still under development but the preliminary site has been established.


                  Taken from the Intro:

                  "The Northfield Project is an umbrella under which a community grows and thrives freely. This project is a side effect of a closely related incident involving the recent Northfield/Wayland split. This project currently houses open source code including code to use a compositing display server and related components on the Linux Desktop platform."

                  It seems apparent that neither Kristian nor Michael appreciated my works or ideas very much after all.
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                    Originally posted by dh04000 View Post
                    This. Maturity on dealing with situtions and people is a rare thing on the internet. Something Michael's post shows that he lacks. Personal emails and communication, unless otherwise stated by the sending and receiving client, should as always remain private. Its embarassing for Michael, a supposed journalist, to make this open to everyone. A clear violation of journalistic rigor and ethics.
                    I'd normally agree here, but I think Scott crossed the line by offering Michael kickbacks to do biased coverage of his project. Scott has already shown through IRC chat logs that he resorts to vitriol and abuse when things don't go his way so I think what Michael did was quite reasonable, given the situation.

                    By making some of Scott's e-mails public he managed to not only remain partial in the coverage of the new fork (leaving the possibility of further coverage available), but he also sent Scott a clear message that he wasn't going to be coerced into promoting his project for money. It also starts to show Scott's true colours, which helps people understand what really occurred in the wayland dev group to get Scott banned. It might even help prevent further e-mail abuse being sent to Michael - if Scott continues with the e-mails there's every possibility Michael will publish yet another article showing the kind of crap this guy is sending (hopefully this doesn't happen though, because there's every chance this guy has real issues. I mean, comparing yourself to Tesla... delusions of grandeur much?).


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                      Originally posted by soreau View Post
                      For the record, I asked Mike to release the site later in the afternoon but I guess he didn't feel that it was important I wanted to do this on my birthday, which I do not otherwise celebrate.
                      ---- snip ----
                      It seems apparent that neither Kristian nor Michael appreciated my works or ideas very much after all.
                      Soreau, the only way you're going to be taken seriously again, is by avoiding any more of this drama crap and actually working hard to make Northfield and Norwood as good as you possibly can. If you can demonstrate that you really know what you are doing and make something great then your project will grow and the wayland devs won't be able to ignore you.