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Wayland/Weston Gets Forked As "GH-Next"

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    Originally posted by intellivision View Post
    Firstly, the OR statement that you made was essentially the same thing. You called him a psychopath OR almost a psychopath. And you think that's any better?
    In many countries this sort of accusation could be considered slander and it could open you up to legal action. Just a heads up before you go about making wild inaccurate claims in the future. Lawyers are damned expensive, you know.

    Secondly, what apology? There was nothing in there that was structured or spelt close to an apology.

    We talk again if you say something similir to the guy who called me a piece of shit and a nazi.

    AND he did mobb some of his coworkers in the irc channel, so he did something that could cause legal action too.

    And this is not facebook its a forum on a site with very very less users. so I doubt that companies scan phoronix onto some people did say stuff.

    And again he is kind of public person now, google public person they have not the same rights than not-public persons.

    And I call politicans also with their full name asholes or psychos. So calling him a man who is in danger to become a psychopath, I can live with that.