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Wayland 1.0.3 Released, Plans For Wayland 1.2

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  • Wayland 1.0.3 Released, Plans For Wayland 1.2

    Phoronix: Wayland 1.0.3 Released, Plans For Wayland 1.2

    Wayland 1.0.3 along with an adjoining Weston Compositor update were released on Friday. At the same time, Kristian H?gsberg has begun expressing plans for Wayland 1.2 as the next major release...

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    What's IM + OSK


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      Originally posted by mark45 View Post
      What's IM + OSK
      It seems to be Input Method/On Screen Keyboard according to earlier posts in the mailing list.


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        Thanks, I hope v1.2 ships in Spring 2013 or earlier for us to test it next Fall when the toolkits catch up.
        Also, hopefully v1.2 ships with all the new significant features that until now kept the toolkits (gtk, qt..) from providing a full experience with Wayland.


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          Please make sure Wayland 1.2 will be efficient in execution and is made to be hardware accelerated (graphics driver).
          (Also being able to do compositing and rendering and displaying on different machines very freely would be appreciated,
          network transparency but only if it does not get in the way of an efficient and hardware accelerated way of doing things.)

          For input method please allow the support of:
          mouse, keyboard, joystick, wheel, other.

          Being able to have devices that are collections of imput primitives (buttons, sliders,...).